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What can signing a prenuptial agreement accomplish?

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Marriages are officially recognized relationships acknowledged by the state. They are a sort of contract on their own, as spouses agree to share their resources and their lives with one another. Spouses have certain protections under the law, including that the government cannot force one spouse to testify against the other in court.

They can also potentially expand what protections they have by signing a contract with one another. Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly common in recent years. Millennials and younger generations are less skeptical of prenuptial agreements than previous generations historically have been. Many newly-engaged couples now end up talking about signing a marital agreement.

What can negotiating a prenuptial agreement potentially achieve for an engaged couple?

Clarity about the upcoming marriage

Many experts believe that prenuptial agreements can actually lead to stronger marriages. The discussions necessary to draft a viable agreement are a big part of why they feel that way. When spouses have to talk about what might happen in an emergency or when one of them dies before the other, they may come to learn important things about one another’s expectations and values. Discussions about raising a family together or what might happen should the couple divorce can help people know what their spouse expects from them during the marriage and also what their spouse intends to commit to the relationship.

Protection from the risk of a messy divorce

Many couples who sign prenuptial agreements never even discuss divorce because they have already clarified their wishes and intentions. They are then in a better position to work on their marriage and meet the expectations of their spouses. Other couples may find that their relationship experiences insurmountable challenges eventually. Infidelity, changing personalities as people age and other issues can lead to divorce. When there is a valid prenuptial agreement on record, spouses do not need to worry about a contentious divorce where they fight over every detail. They can instead prepare for a calm, private and peaceful divorce guided by the terms that they have already set with one another.

Prenuptial agreements can, therefore, make a marriage stronger and make a divorce less problematic. As such, taking the time to discuss marital expectations and the possibility of divorce can lead to a healthier and happier marriage in the long run.