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A Divorce Lawyer Who Is Experienced In Life

At the Law Office of Richard Lybarger, I believe good family lawyers are the kind of people who not only understand and appreciate what is involved with the divorce and family law process from a purely legal standpoint, but who also have life experience enabling them to understand and appreciate the personal and emotional issues that their clients are facing. I founded my firm to help

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology – and having experienced divorce and the challenges of being a single parent myself – I am attorney Richard Lybarger and I believe that I am uniquely well-suited to understand what my clients are going through.

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A Dedicated Family Law Attorney

I have dedicated my entire practice and legal career to family law. I help clients who are in the midst of a divorce and need an attorney, trying to establish paternity to secure their rights as a father or obtain child support, adopt a child or secure their rights as a grandparent. I am a lawyer who helps families in Texas. I strive to provide my clients with the wisdom, self-confidence, and strength necessary to navigate what may very well be the most difficult, frightening and challenging times they will ever face.

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